5 Tools to Bring Your Content Marketing to the Next Level

Content marketing is not just the most effective forms of online promotion that you can take part in, it’s the foundation of pretty much any other form of digital marketing. It remains stable over time, can be timely or evergreen, is easy to entice traffic with, and is perfect for boosting your SEO. What can’t it do?

But you need to know how to properly structure the way you plan, post, and promote your work. These five tools and resources will make it much easier to do so. Not to mention help you do it faster, and who doesn’t want more free time?

1. Bring Your Keyword Research to a Next Level: Serpstat


Keyword research is the start and the core of content marketing process. It fuels content ideas, helps you strategize your search engine optimization plan and keeps you ahead of your competitors.

My favorite keyword research tool these days is Serpstat: It has so many unique features that you’ll find yourself playing for weeks. While you are there, look for these interesting gems to start:

  • Missing keywords: Which key phrases my competitors rank high for while I am nowhere to be found?
  • Cluster research: Which related keywords should I consider including into my copy?
  • Tree view: Which are my most valuable keywords I have higher chances to rank higher for
  • Keyword suggestions: Which questions are the most popular in my niche?

Further reading and more tools: USEO lists some great tips on keyword research including a few more tools to check out.

2. Organize Your Editorial Calendar Properly: CoSchedule


Editorial calendars are a must for anyone who is managing a content source, be in a small blog, or a major media source. But getting everyone on board can be hard, and keeping track of planned and scheduled content is a drag on anyone’s mood.. I should know, I have been on the editing end many times in the past.

CoSchedule makes it much easier. You post planned content in an actual calendar, where you can assign tasks, view current status, and even write the post itself. You can also schedule it for social media updates.

Further reading: Give Evernote a try for making notes and collaborating on content research. BestAndroidApps.com lists a few Evernote alternatives to consider too.

3. Have Content Ideas Discovered & Written Down for You: Contentop


Get ready for the future, because it is here. Contentop is an A.I based writing tool that helps cut your time spent on blog posts in half. It provides the framework that acts as your first draft. You put down your ideas, and it helps to solidify them into a working product.

Cool, simple, insanely useful, and a must for anyone with a blog. It may only be a beta tool, but it is one you want to get subscribed to. Go to their site for your invite, and start improving your blog post writing, with more free time at the end of it.

4. Improve Your Grammar: Grammarly


The perfect editing tool, Grammarly doesn’t just catch spelling and basic grammatical errors. It can help reshape the entire piece, letting you know when something is in a passive tone, using superfluous words, and more.

If you are writing commercial copy, or something that needs to follow by a standard like the AP style guide, this tool is a boon. Just copy and paste in your work, follow the changes given in the text, and publish. Or use their desktop apps or browser plugins.

Further reading: For more editing help, use this awesome checklist provided by Sorry for Marketing:


5. Get Your Drafts in Order: Google Drive

Google Docs

Obviously I had to include Google Drive on this list. I am using it for this article right now! Google Drive is a fantastic cloud tool that can be great for content curation. You save the content, add people into the docs or folders who need access, and share and edit it as required. Plus there is a whole host of apps you can install to make it more adaptable for your use.

You can upload and share files, create docs and spreadsheets, use a huge number of tools and extensions, communicate with your team, and more. And it is all free up to 115 GB, after which you can get another 100 GB for $1.99 per month, or 1 TB for $9.99 per month.

Further reading: Colorlib lists more tools improving writing productivity for businesses and bloggers.

Are there any content marketing tools you think belong to this list? Share them in the comments or tweet to me @seosmarty

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