50,000,000 Sites Analyzed for Smarter Recommendations

Over the last year, we’ve launched the possibility to define extremely precise topics using artificial intelligence to help you find the right content. We’ve also made continuous improvements to the algorithm we use to sort, select and recommend articles to highlight what matters the most among the mass of content out there.

We’ve just analyzed our 50,000,000th website!

After 5 years as an industry leader, we’ve gathered an impressive amount of information about all the websites that have been shared. This last year only, our platform analyzed around 4.9 billion URLs. This means we’ve  performed a semantic analysis to know what an article is about and if it contains regularly discussed subject by the site that published it or by the person who posted it. We can then match that with data about the audience and engagement to create brand new experiences.

We are extremely excited about it because it opens the door to more innovative ways to help you thrive with your content strategy. Imagine if you could:

  • Find articles discussing the same news element with various point of views
  • Spot the blogs having authority on some niche topics (i.e., “virtual reality in education”)
  • Track the popularity of the subject discussed in an article
  • Find out who you should contact for your content marketing campaign on solar panels in the United States.

Think about its importance but also about how time-consuming it could be if you have to do it manually. Having a powerful tool that saves time is one of the reasons why communication agencies are so excited about it.

It’s full of great possibilities! Over the coming months, you will always see more smart content features coming to Paper.li, so keep your eyes open.

Are you as excited as we are? Don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comments to share your thoughts or ideas.

Edouard Lambelet

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