DJ Classifieds


Earn As You Go

dj-classifieds joomla
earn as you goMake your classified ads work even harder to bring in extra revenue by monetizing the many options available to users. It’s one of those Joomla extensions that can provide a revenue from your website.

  • Create clear visibility with easy positioning of any banner or adsense ad in the different modules
  • Have the flexibility to set different prices for each category
  • You can even charge extra for any promotions you’re running
  • Charge for the “Move to top” feature
  • Charge for different durations of adverts
  • Adjust the process for renewal to keep your users active
  • Charge depending on the categories (each category can be set as free or paid one!)
  • Differ the price depending on how long the ad will be displayed (for example free for 7 days and if 14 days or more – then paid)
  • Set prices for renewal of the ad
  • Charge for extra images
  • Charge for different types (for example if seller wants to use “URGENT” label it’s extra paid)
  • Charge for extra characters (e.g. charge per additional character after the first 100)
  • You can even set your own currency or points system

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